You will find the NEW FUSION RANGE HERE....

When we first got our hands on a MontiiCo Drink Bottle we were blown away by the quality! We added them to our shop, then the lunchbags & backpacks arrived and once again there were many OH WOW moments...

A word from the MontiiCo Crew:

"Montii Mums want products that not only look awesome and unique to what you find in the shops (and let’s admit, Insta-worthy and matchy matchy), but they also want school and family activity essentials made to withstand dropping, kicking, spilling, whacking and whatever else our little angels do when we're not looking! So my new (much quieter) babies were born. First came our water bottles, then lunch bags and then our wildly popular smoothie cups (hello hidden veggies!). Now we have the full family of fun, high quality and seriously durable lifestyle products designed to help rad families live their best life - outdoors, on adventures and making memories together (and getting out the door a bit quicker!)."

MontiiCo Rad Reusables

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