8 Unique Family Games for Lockdown

8 Unique Family Games for Lockdown

We are always looking for FUN family games that are unique and a little different, especially when we're in LOCKDOWN.  

Here are our TOP 8 Unique Games that are loved by our team:

1.  The Travel Bug Game:

Launched in mid 2021, this game is not only unique, it's Australian made and designed in Melbourne.  During these times when many of us can't travel due to lockdowns and restrictions, this game will take you on a travelling adventure around Australia - all on the coolest board - which isn't actually a board, its a fabric mat.

Try your luck travelling around Australia. Visit beautiful places, meet weird & wonderful animals and plants. Collect as many souvenirs as you can, but get home in time!

$56.95 - SHOP HERE!

Another NEW game for 2021 and another Aussie design! The box includes a set of 30 activity cards and a mindset theory book designed to change the way the whole family thinks about failing.
The Epic Fail Game comes in a beautifully designed & illustrated hard cover box and is printed using environmentally friendly inks and papers.
$29.95 - SHOP HERE!
The Train Game Melbourne is the brain child of a Melbourne family who love trains and love card games.  A unique concept that takes you on a trip along the Melbourne train lines.
Look out for Inspectors and collect Stations.  Loads of fun for the whole family.
$39.95 - SHOP HERE!
After the success of the Melbourne edition, the ingenious creators went to work on a Sydney version - just as unique and just as popular!
$39.95 - SHOP HERE!
Samitomato is the BEST drawing game we have ever come across.  Unique in concept and easy to play, this Australian Made game is a winner for any age that can DRAW.
Simply draw four cards and roll the dice.  This will tell you what everyone has to draw and the results will be hilarious!
$24.95 - SHOP HERE! *also available - 2nd Edition and Cats & Dogs Edition
Who doesn't love snakes & ladders? Take your skills further with this unique multi level version.  Hours of fun for the whole family.
$49.95 - SHOP HERE!
Not a game and not a toy, this Quiz book will give you so much more.  Play it around the dinner table, in the car, on picnics or lazy days around the house.  Designed & printed in Perth!
A unique design, this book covers 5 different age groups in one page, giving the whole family a crack and being the quiz master.  Be warned, there will be loads of laughs, questions and discussions around the topic, leading to some wonderful family interaction.  One of our personal favourites at home x
24.95 - SHOP HERE!
What better way to pass the time in lockdown than to transport the whole family to an Escape Room - all in the comfort of your living room.
Find the clues and solve the riddles, these games are just like the real experience and will have you all thinking and busting your chops to unlock the clues.
$59.95 - SHOP HERE!
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