A warm hug for your eyes and mind.

Rest your eyes and mind with Australia’s first self-warming, scented eye masks. When you open a Lula Eye Mask the magical self-warming process begins!

The Lula Self-Warming Eye Mask is perfect for...

  • Dry or tired eyes
  • Digital eye strain
  • Busy minds
  • Migraines or headaches • Relaxation
  • A good nights sleep
  • Meditation
  • Travelling

About Lulu Eye Masks:

Brisbane sisters Aisling and Margaret Cunningham are very proud to launch Australia’s first self-warming eye mask, a wonderful gift of self-care.

While creating the Lula Eye Mask both sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout their joint battle and treatments they continually tested and perfected the warmth and scents of the eye masks, needing them more than ever! When they were feeling unwell, were in hospital, in stressful times and when they couldn’t sleep, the Lula Eye Masks always provided comfort.

Whether you’re in need of a great night’s sleep, help with meditation, you’re feeling unwell or you’ve spent too much time in front of your screen, the Lula Eye Mask will ease your eyes and mind, helping you rest and relax.

“It is such a gift to take time for yourself. We hope the Lula Eye Mask inspires moments of self-care that bring calm and joy to busy lives - we know just how important it became for us"

Lula Eye Mask

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