Hook it on

The strap hooks into just about anything, saving fingers and hands from possible injury (a life-saver when it comes to stiff tent pegs in hard ground!).

Stand strong

The Strong Arm Strap allows you to keep good posture while pulling, lifting or carrying hard-to-move items - elbows tucked, feet apart, knees unlocked.

Pull with ease

You're good to go - simply pull with ease, not injury! The Strong Arm Strap prevents over-stretching and straining, so you can keep doing what you love!

Pull without strain

Now popular amongst outdoor enthsuiasts, this "back-saving invention" has also been used by some of the largest logistics companies in Australia for over 10 years. Whether pulling a heavy esky, removing stiff tent pegs, dragging a kayak or jetski up the beach, or anything in between - simply hook it on and pull with ease, not injury!


Strong Arm Strap

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