"Can you please stock Mingle spices, we are cutting out all the crap in our pantry and these are soooooooo good! We LOVE them" This is how we roll in this shop, if our customers want to see something added, we simply add it...this is why we are known as the shop that has something for EVERYONE! 

We love them, our staff love them and our customers love them... Please let us know what other Mingle Products you would like us to add to our range....

A word from MINGLE:

"Mingle Seasoning started 5 years ago in my kitchen when I was cleaning out my pantry. I discovered the seasonings that I had been using contained a whole lot of nasty ingredients. Added sugar, high amounts of sodium, refined vegetable oils and cheap fillers (like flours or salt) that were unnecessary- they are used to bulk up the blend and save costs."

Mingle Seasoning

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