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A World of exploration and discovery, limited only by your child’s imagination.

Why Magformers?

  • Magformers are safe for children. Unlike many cheaper copies of the toy, all Magformers products are regularly tested to International as well as Australian / NZ safety standards.
  • Magformers are designed with child development in mind, so they are fun, but also educational! Many of the sets are third party STEM authenticated (by Magformers are often used in the school setting to teach maths kinetically (eg. square roots, geometric shapes in 2D and 3D, nets etc), and in home-learning environments. They allow hands-on learning of mathematical concepts, logic and more.
  • Magformers enables "basic" open-ended play, but also offers themed sets for added play value. Themes include dinosaurs, robots, houses, cars, as well as more advanced gears.
  • Magformers pieces have a smooth, hollow design, making them easier and safer to handle by little fingers. My First Sets are designed for 18 months plus. Children can begin to "play" by sorting colours, stacking, un-stacking, and develop colour & shape recognition and finger strength from an early age.
  • Magformers with the strong, rotating magnet design makes them easy to play with - children find them more satisfying (because of the "click" sound as the pieces connect, and they always connect) and less frustrating (because the pieces never reject each other).
  • Magformers are high quality and made to last. Pieces are made with a high quality, BPA-free plastic. Neodymium magnets (naturally occurring strong earth magnets) are safely encapsulated inside the plastic casing so it is not easy for them to be exposed. The pieces are ultrasonically welded together, so no glue or rivets are required, giving them a strong, clean finish.
  • Magformers are also a great therapy resource, because of the size of the pieces, how easy they are to put together / take apart, how well they “click” together, and because of their vibrant and attractive colours. They are used in pediatric occupational therapy for children who suffer from certain conditions, including Autism, ADHD, developmental delay and sensory processing disorders.
  • Magformers are also beneficial for older patients in aged care, patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease; as it helps to stimulate their thinking process and encourage them to use and practice their fine motor skills by putting the colourful pieces together.

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