Eco Friendly & Space Saving Products for your Caravan | Kitchen & Laundry

Eco Friendly & Space Saving Products for your Caravan | Kitchen & Laundry

We love heading out in our caravan, creating memories with our family and seeing this amazing country.  Our business, Caravanning with Kids, has seen us travel all over Australia - from big trips to the Cape, to weekends spent on the Murray River near our home town of Numurkah - our home on wheels is our little slice of paradise.

This is one of the reasons why Adventure Awaits is filled with so many super cool caravanning & camping products - our team & community have tried, tested and loved so many products and most of them have managed to end up in our store.

Today, we want to share with you some of our favourite Eco Friendly & Space Saving products that we use EVERY time we are in our caravan, focusing on the Kitchen & Laundry.


1.  Slide n' Dry Pegless Clotheslines - Award winning and Australian made, these clotheslines are compact, lightweight, easy to use and will come in so handy.  They can be used anyway - perfect for under your awning and easily transferable to INSIDE your caravan if you get rained out.  Durable & strong, these unique slides will also hold wet jeans and jackets and withstand the windiest days.

2.  Dreambly Washing Sheets - These are a game changer! A biodegradable sheet that is filled with natural ingredients and will clean everything.  For laundry, you only need 1/2 a sheet for a caravan washing machine and you use the same sheet as a stain remover too.  No need for bulky liquids or containers.  We also use ours to clean surfaces.  1/2 a sheet in some warm water and away you go!



1.  Retro Kitchen Dish Clothes - Throw out your old chux wipes and switch to compostable dish clothes.  Soft, absorbent & machine washable.  Ours get used everyday and last 6-12 months!  


2.  Agreena Baking Sheets & Wraps - We replaced all our foil, baking paper & gladwrap with these silicone beauties.  Reusable & washable, you will save space & $$$.  They are a thin silicone film that can be simply washed after each use.  Use on baking trays and wrap sandwiches, cheese, avocado etc.  We travel with 2 x baking sheets and a few squares for wrapping foods.

3.  Camp Eco Essentials Kit - This Australian made kit if filled with hand crafted products by some local lads in Melbourne.  A wonderful gift for your caravanning & camping loving friends.  All these products are available separately as well and will ensure you limit your footprint on the road.  Wash the suds down the drain with confidence, keeping our waterways and your grey water tanks safe.

3.  Collapsible Strainer/Steamer - every caravanner knows how important it is to utilise the limited space we have inside our caravans. When we found this colander we did some testing and spoke to the manufacturer and now we use it as a steamer too! Anything that has multiple uses is a real winner.

4.  Collapsible Containers - We have a wonderful range of Collapsible Containers that also come in super handy.  Of them can be used fully expanded or flat:  eg: we use them flat for our cold meats and expand them as needed.


We have tried, tested and loved so many products for when we caravan & camp and our shop if filled with all these products.  You can check out all our favourites in our Caravanning & Camping Collection HERE...

Don't forget to check out our UNIQUE CARAVAN GIFTS collection here, you will find something for everyone in here - from earrings to books to caravan clocks and planters! 


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