Hey Bashers!!
Gear up for an unforgettable experience at The Big Red Bash and Mundi Mundi Bash with our must-have festival products. 
Whether you're dancing under the stars or exploring the vast desert landscape, our products are designed to enhance your festival adventure. Shop now and make the most of your festival experience

In this collection, you will find some of our popular products that Basher's LOVE...

 - Map of Australia Stickers - UV Outdoors & Fabric available - perfect size for the drop down table on your van, picnic table, pull out fridge or inside fridge.

 - Slide n' Dry Pegless Clotheslines - light weigh, compact and perfect for caravanning and camping - no pegs! no worries! Also perfect for inside your van if you get rained out.

 - Caravan Heartbeat Stickers - A cute sticker for your car or caravan window. Aussie made

 - Travel Journals - the kids and grandkids will love these to document their travels and re-read for years to come - Aussie Made.

 - Caravan/Camper Log Books - keep track of your caravan & camper adventures, rate the places you stay, KM's and fuel - Aussie Made.

 - Car Cup Holder Expanders - another Aussie made ingenious invention to hold your big 1lt drink bottles in the car...

 - KLIPSTA - Hat Clips & SPEX Glasses holder

 - Caravan Sponge Clothes - eco friendly - replace your Chux wipes!

 - TAWK Family Quiz Books - hilarious on road trips or around the dinner table - includes ALL ages.

 - Playing Card Cases - store your playing card games and other trinkets safely while you travel.

 - Dreambly Washing Sheets - Biodegradable sheets that will do your laundry and can be used to clean everything in your campsite! You only need 1/2 a sheet for a caravan washing machine! 

 - The Standard Squeeze - various sizes to choose from, the most popular is the Original - take your spirits into the concert area and pour the perfect drink.

 - Crochead - Aussie made Mozzie coil holders

 - Alcoholder Stubzeros - keep your drinks cold without ice!!

 - Dunny Buddy - the ultimate protection for your toilet roll. Aussie Made.

 - Paperpod - keep your papertowel safe. Aussie Made

 - Body Cleaning Wipes - Aussie made, soap free and PERFECT for this event.

 - Awning Hooks, Tie Down Clips & Door Latch Extenders - All Australian Made and perfect for your camping adventures.

 - Good Riddance Insect Repellent - Aussie made and clinically tested! 

Sausage Mate - the ultimate BBQ accessory to keep your snags straight!

 - 12V Hair Dryers & Straighteners 

 - Retro Bash Sunglasses - don't ruin your good ones in the mosh pit!

 - Van Go Collections Laundry Bags - non rip nylon bags that will hold all your laundry or linen in style.

SAFE TRAVELS EVERYONE - see you there... x 


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